Safety Tags are Critical for Businesses

Safety Tags are Critical for Businesses

Safety may now be more important than ever before in businesses, particularly within the industrial sector. Proper safety practices are also mandatory so as to avoid potentially costly fines from regulatory bodies.

One of the simplest yet most effective tools to promote proper safety is safety tags. If you aren’t sure what they are or how effective they could possibly be, check out the guide below and see just how valuable these tags can be.

Safety Tags are Critical for Businesses

Ladder/Scaffold Tags

Among the most common tags you will find are ladder tags. You can easily find ladder tags from a great vendor like RS, so it is great to have them in bulk for your business. Falls are perhaps the most common workplace injury there is. Ladders that haven’t been properly constructed, maintained, or used are basically accidents waiting to happen.

These tags are a great way to ensure safety when using ladders and scaffolding. They come in a variety of styles and colors. More importantly, they can help avoid potential OSHA violations, which can run well over $10,000. Ensure that everyone getting up on a ladder or scaffold remains safe and that your business avoids those costly fines in the process.

Lockout/Do Not Operate Tags

When it comes to the industrial sector, there are usually big machines in the equation. That equipment is in use from time to time, whether it be for a particular project, or they run all day long. When it comes time for maintenance or cleanup, however, those machines need to be shut down. Doing so ensures the safety of those working on the machine.

Having a lockout/do not operate tag is the best option among safety tags. This lets everyone know that there is someone working on the machine, whether it is being serviced, cleaned, or something else. It also lets them know not to turn the machine on. Failing to have a lockout tag can result in a fine of more than $13,000 from OSHA, so make sure that your business has these on hand or suffer the consequences.

Inspection Tags

For industrial businesses, there is often the need to inspect parts before they leave the building. Inspection tags are commonplace to point out potential issues. The same is true for equipment and machinery. Everything needs to be properly inspected from time to time to ensure proper safety and that everything is working as it should.

With inspection tags, that becomes easy. The location, date of inspection, and piece of equipment can all be identified on the tag itself. It will even have the name and signature of the person who performed the inspection. It is a great way to know when that equipment or machinery was last checked, ensuring that it remains functional and safe. Have tags on hand and keep them on your machinery to stay on top of inspections.

Machinery Tags

For many businesses, especially in the industrial sector, machines are an integral part of daily life. That said, they do come with a substantial risk of injury, particularly when they aren’t in good condition. Those instances come up from time to time, but it is key to alert employees and other staff members to ensure proper safety protocols are being followed.

There are a few tags to be aware of. There are defective tags for machinery that have defective traits. Repair tags to indicate that a repair is needed before using again. Then there is the “out of service” tag to show that the piece of machinery in question is not safe to use under any circumstances.


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